Pint $5.00
½ Pint $3.00
Growler $20.00
Refill Growler $15.00

HIGH GRAVITY served in a tulip glass

Tulip Glass $6.00
Growler $ 30.00
Refill Growler $25.00


*Take Home a 6 Pack or 4 Pack!*
BEER FLIGHTS! $6-$7.50 Choose Any 4! Ales $1.50 Each – High Gravity $1.87

All beer styles can be sampled on premise. Share with your friends by taking home a 64oz Growler that can be brought back and refilled at your next visit to Morgan Ridge Railwalk. Click here to find our beer at your nearest location.

Regulars On Tap

Arrowhead Ale

Blond Ale, Light in Color and Malt ABV 5.0%

Buffalohead IPA

Medium Body, Citrus IPA with Bold Hop Flavor ABV 6.0%

Ridge Red

Medium Body, Amber, Caramel Sweetness ABV 6.0%

Lee St. Wheat

Belgian Style Wheat, Coriander & Orange ABV 5.5%

Creek Bottom Brown

Medium Body, Caramel, Nutty ABV 5.5%

Orange Kreamsicle Kolsch

German style ale brewed with orange peel, blood orange & vanilla beans ABV 5.0%

Caramel Coconut Cream Ale

Amazing Tropical Cream Ale brewed with Coconut puree and Caramel ABV 6.0%

Seasonal Brews

Pineapple Ale

Subtle Pineapple Notes, Crisp Summer Ale, Easy Drinking ABV 5.5%

Brown Haze

Brown ale brewed with chocolate and hazelnut. ABV 5.5%


Brewed with Sage, Lemon, and Golden Delicious Apples ABV 6.0%

Blueberry Ale

Easy Drinking, Intense Blueberry Flavors, Summer Ale ABV 5.5%

High Gravity

Cayenne Imperial Stout

Rich Chocolate Roasted Notes, Full Body – Beware the Cayenne Kick! ABV 10.0%

Tri Citra IPA

Unfiltered IPA made with Citra Hops ABV 7.0%